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Thursday, November 10, 2011

The step by step guide to fabric art :-)

Identify the fabric you want to use in your artwork. Mine was this 8"X 8" piece of fabric.

Get a canvas (an artist canvas that is mounted on a frame)  that is about 2 inches shorter than the fabric on each side so that it is possible to wrap the fabric around the canvas. Mine was this piece of canvas,  6"X6" size, the front and the back.

Staple the fabric to the frame of the canvas. Opposite sides first, then the other two sides. Keep the corners unstapled. Once all four sides are stapled carefully fold the corners over making sure it is not creasing in the front and staple the corners too. The finished back looks like this....

The finished front looks like this....

Nail small hangers to the back of the frame. These are available in the craft store. The art work is ready to be hung on the wall......here is a pic of mine...

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